Our Young Living Essential Oils Journey Update


Hi guys!  How is everyone on this beautiful Friday afternoon?  It is 91 degrees here in Livonia, Michigan with a real feel of 97!  Whoa!  I think we will be going to the pool a little later today to cool off!  I love the summer so much, don’t you?  I just posted a great Bean Salad for the summertime!  Check it out!

Our YL journey

It’s been awhile since I talked about our Young Living Essential Oils journey so thought I would do that today.  We have been on this journey for almost 3 years now and still learn something new every single day about the essential oils.  I find that the more and longer we use them, the better we feel each and every day.

Did you know that Young Living essential oils cross the cell membrane and rewrite your cell’s DNA? Isn’t that cool? They have helped me in so many ways and continue to do so.  It really amazes me!  They continue to support my immune system and I no longer get as sick as I used to before the oils.  I am telling you — I used to catch a cold or flu and would be out of commission for at least 10 days due to my asthma.  Now, I not only use the oils as a preventative, but when I do feel something coming on, I immediately start an oil regimen that boosts my immune system.  If I do get sick, it only lasts a few days versus over a week.

Another great thing about the oils is they help promote restful sleep.  I use a couple different oils for sleep support along with one of the Young Living supplements and I can honestly say that I have slept better in the past couple years than I have in a very long time.  We have two kiddos and I had not gotten a good night’s sleep since before they were born — so about 8 years went by with horrible sleep issues.  “Ugh” is all I can say about that.

I have really noticed that I feel a lot better emotionally since using Young Living essential oils.  They not only provide support during times of stress and anxiety but also encourage proper function and overall well being.

My kids use the oils all the time!  It is so great to see them reach for an oil to help support their immune system or help encourage healing if they fall and get a cut or scrape.  They absolutely love our natural bug spray that we make with our oils.  They have to fall to sleep with their diffusers running each night (as do my hubby and I) so we now have five diffusers in our home and a few others for travel, including a car diffuser that we just love.

Even my skeptical hubby, who called the essential oils “voo doc” and “witch craft” when I first got our starter kit, uses them every day!  LOL!  He never used to get sick until…kids.  Now he boosts his immune system with the oils, if he does get sick, he gets the support his body needs and is better very quickly.  He also carries a combo of different oils in a roller bottle that he affectionally calls, “Crud Killer.”  If he gets a cold sore (which he used to get all the time), he swabs a little Thieves right on it.

It has become a way of life for us and I am so thankful for that.  We have gotten even more harsh chemicals out of our home and replaced those products with Young Living products such as laundry detergent, toothpaste, dish soap, mouthwash, and an amazing household cleaner that literally cleans everything!

I have some friends who are or were very skeptical about the oils (and I totally get that because I was, too, when I was introduced to them).  Once they actually try the oils and use them for a little while, they come back to let me know how much the oils have helped them and how thankful they are that I introduced them to Young Living.  It is such a wonderful feeing to help others this way and empower them to take charge of their own health and wellness!

Sharing the love

Young Living has been in business for 22 years now and has had the most growth in the past two years! What does that tell you about people’s need to feel better naturally and holistically?

One of the biggest reasons I chose Young Living for my family is because of their Seed to Seal Commitment.  Check it out!

We are so thankful and blessed to be part of the Young Living experience.

It’s All About the Journey…



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