Some Halloween Candy is Genetically Modified!


Some Halloween candy is genetically modified!  I did not know this.  I should have guessed it since this seems like the norm more so than not nowadays.

I know Halloween seems like a “right” to every single child.  I want my children to be able to dress up and have a great time going door to door in our neighborhood, trick or treating.  I used to absolutely love to trick or treat when I was little and have a lot of very fond memories of trick or treating.

I just feel sad that not only do we have to worry about the amount of sugar-filled treats our children receive but now have to also consider that most, if not all, are genetically modified.

There is a group called “The G.I.V.E. Project” which stands for “The Group Investment in Virtue & Empowerment Project.”  They have a list of Halloween candy that contains GMO.  You can go to their Facebook page and here is a quick view of the candy page:


Photo: ♥ HALLOWEEN CANDY THAT CONTAINS GMO INGREDIENTS!! >> What are we giving our children? The GIVE Project has put together this infographic displaying some of the most popular candy that is given away to children who trick or treat on Halloween. This year, please be informed and aware of what you are giving to the children as treats. All of the candies displayed in the infographic contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) -- Please be sure to share this information with your friends so they can be aware and informed. And to those in CA, remember to vote YES on Prop 37 to Label GMOs in California. Thank you!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
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One website I found out about from a friend is called  I am sure there are plenty more out there that offer non-GMO candy and treats.

I posted this information on my Facebook page, just to make people aware of the GMOs in candy.  I knew how much sugar and other harmful ingredients are in candy but just never thought about it being GMO.

One of my friends posted on my Facebook page about the post I put up about GMOs in candy.  She wrote, “so your kids won’t be going trick or treating, then?  LOL.”  I know she was trying to be funny but I did not find it funny at all.  When our children are being exposed to ingredients that are so harmful and dangerous to their health, I find that alarming, not funny.

I explained to her that yes, my kids will be going trick or treating.  But, they will be giving most of their candy away and I will be buying healthier options for them.  I feel very strongly about all of the junk kids eat now and really want to be an advocate for helping children to be healthy, not contribute to our children getting diabetes, heart disease and being overweight.

I also strongly feel that it is our job, as parents, to educate ourselves, first, about what we are eating and feeding to our families.  After we educate ourselves, we need to educate our children about the food they are eating.  Our children are not supposed to live as long as we do.  If that is not a huge wake up call to all of us, I don’t know what is!

We definitely live by the 80/20 rule in our home.  That is we eat really well 80% of the time and then eat not so well about 20% of the time.  It may even be more of an 85/15 rule.  We are not perfect, by all means, but we do try very hard to eat and drink well.  We talk about how our bodies are going to get us through life and that we have to treat them with respect and give our bodies healthy foods.

When we were switching from GMO, sugar and chemical-filled products to organic and healthier products, my daughter sometimes had a very hard time with this.  She would say, “mommy, I don’t like the new (fill in the blank).”  I would then tell her, “that is fine.  Mommy will buy you the old kind of (fill in the blank) but I am getting Daddy, Evan and I the new and healthy one.  It will be your choice to eat the one that is unhealthy since you are old enough now to understand what is healthy and what is not.”  This approach works every single time.  I don’t want to “trick” my child but I do feel strongly enough about this topic to use a little “reverse psychology.”

I am so very proud of my ever-changing family.  For the most part, they have gladly come along on mom’s journey seeking healthier alternatives for food, water and supplements in our crazy GMO, chemical and sugar filled food and drink world.  They have supported me and I love them all for this.  We talk about what we eat all the time and I am truly hoping that I am helping to make a difference in their lives.



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