Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief, part two


Earlier this year, I wrote about How to Alleviate Sciatic Nerve Pain Naturally and Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief. What I learned from these two posts (especially the second one) is that many people suffer from sciatic nerve pain.  And it really hurts… a lot!  My number one read, re-posted and pinned post so far has been Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief.  It is a great article that offers a wonderful recipe on how to relieve sciatic nerve pain, naturally.  And, believe me, the recipe works very well.

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As some of you know, my family and I just started using essential oils about a month ago.  We have been consistently using them for all kinds of things like headache, backache, stomachache, pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, cough, cold, sore throat, sleep issues, anxiety, stress, asthma, cuts, scrapes, bruises, moisturizer, stuffy nose and last but not least, sciatic nerve pain.

I got my kit over a month ago that contained 10 (now it has 11) different therapeutic grade oils along with an oil diffuser and samples.  I was very excited as I was introduced to essential oils over 10 years ago when I went to massage therapy school.  I have been using essential oils all this time but have been searching for and researching many different types and brands to find the best therapeutic grade oils.

Once I got my kit, I dove right in.  I started diffusing the oils immediately to kill germs in the house, help with stress and then later cough, cold and sore throat.  We diffuse something every day, depending on what we have going on.

Perfect Scents Diffuser

Shortly after we started using the oils, my sciatic nerve started acting up.  I did all of the things I always do when this happens – stretches, watch how much I lift and the tumeric recipe.  All of these things help with the pain quite a bit.  But, this time, I added another step to my relief program.  I used Panaway essential oil right on the area where I was hurting.  To my surprise, the pain immediately dissipated.


I belong to an oils group on Facebook where I can ask all kinds of questions about what oil(s) help with what.  I have learned so much in just a month about the truly beneficial healing properties of these essential oils.  I have been reading that Panaway does a fantastic job with helping to relieve pain and that another oil called Lemongrass, helps with inflammation.


So, when I placed my next oils order, I included Lemongrass in it.  As crazy as this sounds, I could not wait for my sciatic nerve to flare up again just to layer the two oils, Lemongrass and Panaway.

When it did flare up, I was ready!  I layered the two oils and got such great relief immediately.  A lot of times my sciatic nerve pain flares up right before I go to bed and then I can’t sleep because I am in such pain.  But, with these two oils, stretching and the tumeric recipe, I have gotten full relief from this excruciating pain.

One other thing I have been doing each night, as of about a week ago, was to sit with the heating pad on my low back while watching tv before bed.  I initially did this because I was freezing one night and could not warm up.  So, I grabbed the heating pad and used it.  It has really helped to loosen the muscles around the nerve so the oils can do their job.

I have noticed that since using these two oils, my sciatic nerve pain does not occur as much as it used to.

It’s all about the journey…



9 thoughts on “Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief, part two

  1. Well I’m a true believer in the turmeric soothing solution. I am now in week 2 of sciatica and after taking so many meds ( morphine, muscle relaxants And anti enflamatories) my daughter found this for me and I’ve been doing this for 2 days now, the results are unreal, relieved so much of my pain I am now able to go up and down stairs, drive my car and finally have a good night sleep… Trust me it works!!!!

  2. So actually you rubbing oil exactly on butt?? Because there is very very sore area. Did you put clean oil, or with water? Thank you.

        • Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your question! I use 2 drops each diluted in about a nickel size of coconut oil. Do you need more help with Young Living essential oils? I can help you with those! 🙂

  3. HI read this artical.sounds just what need .in so much pain.oxymoron only last 4 yrs.this just happened to 3 weekso being treated for L 5 fracture.healing well .then about 2 weeks ago getting out car,forgot seat belt on.tried get of car I sparge back in seat.thought it was swallow muscul.feels like a nerve.wI’ll try this. Thanks so much for this..

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