Red Meat – Friend or Foe?


Lately, I have started paying a lot more attention to how I feel after eating red meat.  I know doctors say to only eat red meat once or twice a week but I have never really listened to my body and how it feels after eating it.

So, I started to listen.  And here is what I found.  I cooked a roast in the crock pot last week with potatoes, carrots and onions for my family.  I use an onion soup mix (I need to find something healthier than this as it has a lot of not-so-healthy ingredients like a ton of sodim (610 mg per serving x 8 servings per container x 2 packets = 9,760 mg of sodium!!!), caramel color, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, MSG (OH!  I did not know it had this!!  I would not have used it for sure but did not read the ingredients!!  I did not follow one of my own ‘golden rules’!), corn syrup and the list goes on!  Can you say g-r-o-s-s????  (I will write another post on soup mixes with all the junk in them and some suggestions on what you can buy or make instead so stay tuned).

My kids and I (hubby was working) ate our savory and delicious roast!  Oh boy, it was so good!  It smelled good, looked good and tasted oh-so-yummy!  Well, that was very short-lived for me.  About 40 minutes after eating, I was in the bathroom with a horribly upset stomach.  I had diarrhea and felt just awful.  About 45 minutes after that, I had it all over again.

The last few times I have made a roast the same way and with the same ingredients, I have felt very poorly.  After reading the ingredients in the onion soup mix, I now know the amount of sodium can make me feel horrible right away.  I do always feel bloated and just gross after this meal.  Now I know why.

But, I also feel gross for a few days after this meal (you would think I would wise up and not fix this anymore, huh?).  I do think my body cannot handle a lot of red meat at all.  We rarely have it but when we do, I usually feel pretty rotten right away and for a day or so afterward.

I know red meat is very popular in the Standard American Diet (SAD – think this is coincidental?  I don’t!).  I would encourage you to start really paying attention to how you feel when you eat red meat – do you feel like you have a lot of energy?  Do you feel sated but not heavy?  Do you feel that your digestion is running properly (you know what I mean – if I eat something I shouldn’t eat, my stomach flips and flops, I get stomach pains, diarrhea, etc.)?  I would honestly have to say “no” to every one of these questions when I eat red meat.  Yes, it tastes good, yes it smells good, yes, it looks good.  However, there are so many studies now that link red meat to many diseases and poor digestion.







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