Pilates Anyone?


Hello!  I have been very remiss in writing new posts as I have been busy running my Young Living Essential Oils business since last October.  It has kept me hopping and I absolutely love helping others find great health through the oils.  But, I have really missed blogging.  So, I am going to try to get back to this at least once a week.




I used to exercise regularly, before having kids.  I really enjoyed stopping at the gym after work.  I would work out for about an hour and then go home, make dinner, eat and relax.  Well, if you have kids, you know time for yourself is a huge luxury.  If you are like me you barely have time to get the kids to school, the laundry, dishes and house cleaned, and to cook dinner each day, all while trying your best to be a great Mom and wife and then find a tiny bit of time for yourself in the daily hustle and bustle.

I have been trying to find something I can and will do for a few years now.  I used to take yoga a lot when I was single and even pregnant for our first child.  I really love yoga and it is amazing for our body and mind.  When I stared checking into places around me to take yoga each week, I soon discovered that only a couple of classes would work for my schedule each week.

So, I considered going to a gym.  But, what I have learned about myself is if I don’t have a carved out, convenient time each and every day for a workout, I will not do it.  If I have to go out of my way to work out, it just won’t get accomplished.

About a month and a half ago, I was sitting there watching tv for a few minutes while my family was doing something at the dining room table.  I was just flipping through channels and an HSN infomercial caught my attention.  Glad my family wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing!

The infomercial was about a Pilates machine.  I had been interested in finding out more about Pilates for a while so thought I would watch for a few minutes.  In case you aren’t aware, Pilates is a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.


As you know from my previous posts, I have terrible sciatica from doing gymnastics for ten years. Any kind of jarring or impact-type exercise exacerbates the sciatica and I end up having terrible nerve pain.

While watching this infomercial, I noticed there was no pressure on the low back while doing the exercises.  The people giving testimonials about this machine seemed to be genuinely happy with it and the results they were experiencing.

I did what any sane person would do — I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down the info about this Pilates Power Gym!  Oh yes I did!  All while watching to make sure my family still was not paying any attention to me!

I went ahead and ordered the Pilates Power Gym on the computer.  I did not tell anyone what I was doing because I just wanted it to be my secret.  I usually talk to my hubby about these kinds of things but he and I had already been talking about me joining a gym or doing yoga classes.  So, I felt good about my decision to purchase the power gym.  I felt even better when I went to order and found a coupon that saved me $50!  BOOM!

Anyway, I was so excited to get my new machine!  I (impatiently) patiently waited for it to arrive that week.  I think it took about 4 days or so.  I was hoping it would arrive when my hubs was at work so I could set it up and surprise him.  Well, to my surprise, it arrived on the UPS truck when he was home!  Thank goodness he was home because it was a huge box!

He took it downstairs to help me set it up.  It took about 20 minutes to get it all ready to go.  I did the first introductory DVD right away.  I loved it!  I knew this was a great investment!  The gym comes with an introductory DVD and two other work out DVDs.

The next day, I did the strength and toning DVD and again, I loved it!  I felt no pressure on my sciatic nerve and the work out was hard but not so much so that I was unable to do it.  I can honestly say that about 1 1/2 months into it, I love this machine so much!  I can feel everything toning on my body and feel so much better when I do this.  Right now, I have been able to find the time to exercise on my Pilates Power Gym about every two to three days.  I’d like to do it every day and am building up to that.

The DVDs are short, too, which is great.  One is 32 minutes and the cardio blast one, which kicks my booty, is only 17 minutes.  There is a pack of 3 more DVDs with 5 more routines that I still want to purchase.  I will let you know how that is when I get it.


I can honestly say that this has been a huge help with me getting back into exercising and without my sciatic pain flaring up.

It’s all about the journey…






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