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Let’s chat about mascara.  It’s a big industry.  Some of the most popular brands and types are lower on the EWG Skin Deep rating and some are very high.  You can check your mascara rating here:



I have been trying many of the cleaner mascaras and have found they work just okay.  Then I tried one from Amazon called Lumene Blueberry Volume Mascara.  OH MY WORD!  This stuff rocks, you guys!  It is, by far, the BEST mascara I have EVER tried!  And I have tried some really expensive mascaras from high-end department stores.  It is only $9.99 for a one-time purchase or $9.49 on Subscribe & Save! What?!?  That is so inexpensive for a great mascara!  And, it is only a 2 on the EWG Skin Deep rating. I’ll take that!


This mascara not only goes on very smoothly but also makes my lashes long and voluminous.  A trick I learned from a friend’s sister, who is a make-up artist, is to always use a good eyelash curler and apply your mascara in three sections.  The first being to apply the mascara toward the eyelashes that go toward your inner eye, the second to apply the mascara toward the lashes that go toward your ear and then your middles lashes, that go straight up.  This works really well and has made my lashes look amazing!

Here is the description on Amazon:

  • A long wearing formula for an immaculate look that lasts all day, without smudging
  • 100 percent organic arctic blueberry seed oil nourishes the lashes and helps to keep them strong and conditioned
  • The flat brush with rounded sides lifts the lashes and gives a curled result the cone-shaped soft and flexible plastic bristles grip the lashes and give them color from roots to tips while separating them

The proof is really in the pudding, as they say.  Or maybe it’s in the eyelashes!  Here are some pics for you!  They aren’t the most flattering of pics of me but help you to see the difference between the before and after.

You can see my left eyelashes in this pic (your right) has no mascara but looks curled.  My eyelashes are pretty stubby now that I’m into my 40’s.  They used to be amazingly long!  My right (your left) eyelashes are curled and have one coat of Lumene Blueberry Volume Mascara on them.

In this pic, both eyes have the Lumene on them.



Another with both eyes done and separating my lashes a bit!  Can you see the HUGE difference??  I was amazed that this is a pretty low-toxic mascara with great results!  I took my hair down after applying so this pic would look a little better!  LOL!  Talk about vain!!



It’s all about the journey…



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