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In June I posted about Bubble and Bee’s Super Pit Putty stick deodorant.  I kept using it after I wrote about it and got okay results.  But, as the summer months went on and the heat rose, so did my body chemistry.  So, once again I was on a search to find another natural deodorant that could keep up with me.

The great thing was that I did not have to start my search completely over this time.  I decided to try the Super Pit Putty cream.  The first time I ordered a Pit Putty I decided to try one of the sticks.  The one I ordered smelled funny to me so when I talked to Stephanie at Bubble and Bee, she said I could get a new scent.  I did and the second one smelled better but still did not seem to help keep my body odor at bay. When I talked to Stephanie about this, she recommended I try one of the creams.

super pit putty cream

After using the replacement cream for a bit and with not great results, I decided Bubble and Bee deodorant just wasn’t for me so I set it aside for about a year.

This summer, when my other natural deodorants were failing me (once again), I decided to pull out the Bubble and Bee products to give them a try again and you can read the results when I wrote about the Best Natural Deodorant.

When switching from an aluminum-filled deodorant to a natural one, your body goes through a detoxifying process.  I remembered this when trying to use the stick Pit Puttys and then the Pit Putty Cream.  Since none of these were working for me 100%, I decided to go ahead and order the Super Pit Putty Cream to see if maybe the “Super” in the formula was what my body needed.

Bubble and Bee

I ordered it in the middle of the summer so I chose the “summer shipping” option.  These deodorants are made with essential oils so they will melt in hot weather.

I was so excited when I received my package of Super Pit Putty!!  I was hoping that whatever makes this “super” was going to be my answer after trying over a dozen different types of natural deodorants.

Remember, I have been on this journey for over two years now to find my holy grail of deodorants.  I have not used a deodorant with aluminum in over a year and half but believe me, I have been tempted. But, then I remembered why I keep searching for the right natural deodorant for me and I remember the harm that aluminum-filled deodorant causes.

After opening up the package, I jumped in the bath to wash my pits!  It is important to wash and dry thoroughly before applying deodorant.  If there is any bacteria there, it will cause body odor.

After my bath and drying off well, I used just a little bit of the Super Pit Putty (about a dime to nickel size).  I rubbed it between my two middle fingers, applied to my underarms and rubbed the cream in.  I waited about two minutes before getting dressed for the deodorant to dry.  (I have put my clothes on sooner than that and the deodorant does not stain my clothes but just seems to work best if I wait a couple minutes).

To my surprise and elation, I did not have any kind of body odor at all for the rest of the day (this was a huge deal)!  I am so happy I decided to give the Super Pit Putty Cream a try!  It really does work so well for me!  Far better than any other natural deodorant I have tried!  Almost three months later and daily use of the Super Pit Putty Cream, I am so happy to tell you that I still love this deodorant!

If you are searching for your holy grail natural deodorant and having a hard time finding it, maybe this will be right for you, too!

It’s all about the journey… 


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