Intra-Oral Nutritional Sprays


Do you take vitamin supplements?  I have been taking them for at least 20 years now.  Our food system has really declined and we can’t get all of our nutritional needs met through just eating food nowadays.  So, supplementing is a necessity.

Have you heard of intra-oral nutritional sprays?  I hadn’t either until a month ago when I was introduced to them.  My family and I have been using them for over a month now and have had some great results!


What are intra-oral nutritional sprays?  They are sprays that contain awesome ingredients for your body, have up to a 98% absorption rate, and a powerful patented micronized delivery system.  What does this mean for you?  If you have a hard time swallowing pills, which 40% of American do, you can just spray this supplement right under your tongue and you’re good to go!

The sprays are absorbed right into your blood stream in a matter of seconds by-passing your digestive system and alleviating extra works for your organs.

Did you know that when you take a pill, capsule, use a transdermal patch, sublingual liquid or intra-muscular injection, you do not get the full effects because your body cannot absorb the way these things are delivered?  With these intra-oral sprays, you get up to a 98% absorption rate, which is huge!


Some of the ingredients in these sprays are deer antler velvet, none, vitamin b12, goji berry, coral calcium, aloe vera, and acai berry.  There’s a spray to help boost your energy, one to help you with sleep, lose weight, balance the ph in your body, boost your immune system, and one that helps with your brain function.  The testimonials on these sprays has been amazing!

We have been using several of these sprays for the past month and have had phenomenal results.  Our allergies have been kicking up and they have helped with allergy support, sleep support and have helped alleviate headaches so far from the seasonal changes.  In fact, I had a sinus headache all night a few nights ago and then had the flu the next day.  I sprayed my way to health and was honestly better in just a day!

Let me know if you have any questions about these sprays!  They have been changing lives one spray at a time!

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It’s all about the journey…


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