How to Start Eating a Plant Based Diet


Last week, I watched the Forks Over Knives film.  This film has forever changed my life.  My family and I had already started eating more of a plant based diet but after watching this film, it gave me even more incentive to continue on our journey to remove all processed foods and meat from our diet.

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The other night, I talked to my parents.  They, too, watched the Forks Over Knives film after I emailed them asking them to please watch it.  My dad, who is a creature of habit (aren’t we all?) and sometimes very stubborn about change, said he will make small changes.  He eats a lot of processed junk and does not take very good care of his health.  Well, with me as his daughter, that is going to have to change.  I love him way too much to stand by and watch his health deteriorate.

My mom, on the other hand, is much more willing to jump on board with this new way of eating.  She does a great job of eating well but has still been eating meat every day because that’s the American way, right?  As a nation, we have been so influenced by the USDA that we must eat meat to get our needed protein.  But, that is just not true and you can get the right kind of protein (plant based not animal based) by eating a lot of vegetables (mostly), fruit, grains, legumes and nuts.

While talking to my mom about making these vital changes in our diet, she told me she is not sure where to start.  I told her I am on this journey, too, and just taking tiny baby steps to get to our goal.

Here are some steps that I think may help when thinking about changing to a plant based diet.  I hope this helps you, too!

For Mom and Dad.  I love you!

How to Start Eating a Plant Based Diet

1. Start replacing meat with vegetables (yes, veggies do have protein!), fruit, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.  I highly recommend mostly vegetables.

2. Start drinking green smoothies every day to get a good dose of plant based protein.  By drinking green smoothies each day, you are giving your body the best food possible that is already completely broken down during the blending process.  The advantage of this is that every cell in your body can use the nutrients right away.  We use a Vitamix blender for our smoothies.  We add Sunwarrior protein powder which is a plant based protein source.  If you have an aversion to drinking something green, you can add more strawberries and other berries to change the color.  Just get those green smoothies into your body!

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3. Buy yourself a good plant based cookbook.  I went to the library and checked out the Forks Over Knives cookbook to make sure I liked it before ordering it for myself.  I do like it and am going to order it on Amazon where it is only $11.45.  I think my family and I are worth every penny of that!  When you get the cookbook, choose 3 or 4 recipes that look good to you and start implementing them into your diet.

4. Take a look at my recipes that are plant based.  Here they are:

Check back as I post new recipes often.

It’s all about the journey…


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