Have You Tried a Menstrual Cup?


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Two weeks ago I read a post on a blog about menstrual cups.  WHAT?  I had no idea at all what these were!  But, I was intrigued none the less.  So, I made it my mission to find out what this menstrual cup thing was all about.  I knew my period was coming up within about 10 days of first reading about a menstrual cup so wanted to hopefully get one before then.

I started doing searches on Google to find out what a menstrual cup even was.  I found several great blogs that compare these cups side by side.  A menstrual cup is an actual little cup that is inserted into the vagina during your period.  It collects menstrual flow and when worn correctly, can’t be felt and is leak-proof.  At first, I was sort of grossed out about this.  But, the more information I found about it, the more it made so much sense to me.

I scoured the reviews from women who have been wearing these things for the first time to several years.  What I found to be a common theme was the women of all ages just love them!  Wow!  I felt like I untapped a new world!!

After reading several blogs that compare menstrual cups side by side, I decided to go ahead and try one myself!  What did I have to lose?  I knew I would need it sooner than later so I ordered a Lunette Menstrual Cup Model 2 as seen here (the number 2 just indicates the size and since I have had two children and have a very heavy flow, I went with the number 2 model).

And, boy, am I so glad I went ahead and tried this!  I have a really heavy and uncomfortable period every single month.  I have to wear a super size tampon plus a super size pad for a few days and even then, I sometimes leak.  I hate my periods!  I don’t know anyone who really “loves” theirs but I have been cursed with a very difficult time of the month.

I had watched a few videos and read many reviews on how to insert a menstrual cup before mine arrived.  I wanted to be prepared to use it right away since I knew my period would be starting about the time I received my cup.

I kept thinking that I would have a problem inserting the cup and removing it.  I can be sort of squeamish even though I have had two children vaginally.  I was prejudging the cup and thinking that I was not going to like it.  You know how we all do that?  We automatically assume that anything different is going to be worse than what we are already used to?  I should know better than to do that by now.  Sometimes I do not like new and different things but for the most part, if it is something that is better for you and your body, I almost always end up liking it.  The menstrual cup was no different.

I received the Lunette cup on a Monday and my period started that Wednesday.  I was able to thoroughly read the instructions, boil the cup and waited for the “big” day!  I was also prepared with all of the tampons (regular and super size) and pads (all Seventh Generation – please be aware of all of the chemicals is a lot of tampons and pads.  7th Gen does not contain anything harmful) as well because I was convinced this cup was just not going to work since my flow is so heavy.

Well, I was absolutely, positively wrong!  The Lunette cup is AMAZING!  I am so thankful I went ahead and tried it!  “Have a little faith” was my middle name!  My period started on Wednesday afternoon and my flow isn’t usually too strong until the second day.  So, I waited until day two of my period to try my cup.  I tried the “c” fold (there are several different ways to fold these cups so don’t give up after trying only one way if it doesn’t work for you the first time.  Trust me, it is so worth it to keep at this).  It was so easy to get this thing in.  I wasn’t so sure I had it in right so waited to see if anything leaked.  I checked several times the first couple days to make sure I had it in correctly.

What I found was this – this thing was so awesome!  Sounds weird to call a menstrual cup awesome, right?  Well, it is true!  For someone like me who has a super duper heavy flow and super duper bad cramps, this was truly a lifesaver!

I was nervous about removing the menstrual cup.  There is a stem on all of the cups that can be either cut down or cut off altogether.  I found that just cutting it shorted really made it so I could not feel the cup at all.  At first, when removing the cup, I was using the stem to try and pull the cup down but then read further that since the cup is lightly suctioned to the vaginal wall, you want to get a little bit of a grip on the base of the cup and release that suction before removing the cup.  Once I practiced and got this part down, it was so easy.

I also found out that I do indeed lose a lot of blood during my time of the month.  I am exhausted and always wondered what was wrong with me.  Now I can talk this over with a new holistic MD I am seeing in February to see what I can do to help myself.

The cup really does not leak if you have it in properly.  It will take some practice and time for me to really get a hang of getting the cup positioned correctly.  I was able to do it this last cycle quite a few times.  I am still in the learning curve for it so will have to just be patient.  I felt so much cleaner using this cup than with tampons and huge pads.  I did keep a light pad on the entire time just in case the cup leaked a little bit.

I usually get really horrible cramps for a few days during my period.  I am not sure why, but with the cup I hardly got any cramping at all.  I found that to be just an extra bonus!  I also have to pretty much work around my cycle in the summer for vacations or pool parties since I am unable to wear just a tampon.  Now, I feel like a whole new person because everything doesn’t have to revolve around that time of the month!

I really hope you give a menstrual cup a try!  I am so glad I did!









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  1. I think it will only leak 1) if you place it in in the wrong position so that it isn’t minakg a seal . You may need to get used to the placing of it in the beginning but it’ll become second nature soon2) If you generally have a really heavy period, there is a chance it could leak on your first or second day. Now that I have an IUD, my period is heavier than it was before (it used to never leak at all), and I’ve noticed it’s more prone to leaking on my first day, but it’s not a problem if I just empty it more often. If you’re worried about it, you can always use some light protection like a panty liner just to ease your mind until you trust it. I’ve never had it leak at night (I always wear it overnight), or because of sports or swimming or anything like that. You can do anything with the cup that you want to do in your regular non-menstruating life no problems!

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