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For the past few months, I have been using Marie Kondo’s tidying method, called Kon Mari, to go through and clean out the extra stuff in our home.  It has been an incredible experience so far and very liberating!  I had heard about this method of cleaning about a year ago.  I tucked it way in the back forty of my brain and low and behold, forgot about it!  LOL!  You ever do that?  Me?  All.the.time!!

I can’t remember what I was reading a few months ago and there it was again – how amazing the Kon Mari method of tidying is.  “Huh,” I thought,  “there must be something to this.”   I’m the kind of person who hates clutter.  Like despises it.  I get all out of sorts when our house isn’t in order.  It’s just the way my brain works and probably some OCD mixed in, as well.  I also have two children, homeschool, and run a business from home so you would think my expectations would be a bit lower, right?  Wrong!  I do try and am aware that I am like this so I try not to drive my family crazy.  I still love a clean and tidy home and nothing feels better to me than that.  My hubby teases me and asks me, “Is everything in harmony?”

We also live in a smaller home of only 1400 square feet so not a whole lot of extra space.  It’s a great size for us but not when there is a lot of extra stuff around.  It can literally drive me to flip out (although now that I’m taking CBD oil, it’s far less!!  So that’s a good thing, anyway!  LOL!).

After reading about this cleaning method again, I ordered the book from Amazon that can be found here:

I have never cleaned and tidied the way this book teaches.   It feels really great to get rid of all the extra things in your home that can easily weigh you down.  It makes me feel much lighter and less chaotic along with bringing me a sense of peace.  I’m not done with “Kon Mariing” my entire home but am well on my way.  I still have part of our hall closet, my son’s room, my desk in the basement and our laundry room.  Then we will be finished.  My goal was to finish before our kids started school but I didn’t realize how many places in our home needed to be de-cluttered and tidied.  I look forward to having it all finished!

It’s all about the journey…


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