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When my son, now 3, was misdiagnosed with ear infection after ear infection two winters ago, he was put on four rounds of antibiotics within four months!  I wish I knew then what I know now about the damage overuse of antibiotics does to a person’s system.


Since two years ago and finding out that the “ear infections” were actually my son’s body reacting to dairy, he has not had any ear infections or been on any antibiotics.  I always keep Herbs for Kids Willow and Garlic Oil Ear Drops on hand just in case someone’s ears hurt.

A few weeks ago, the kids and I had a little cold.  My son was complaining about his ears bothering him so I pulled out my bottle of the ear drops.  I know that herbs and oils do wonders for the body but was not so sure about oil for the ears since I had never used it before.

I read the directions on the bottle and proceeded to put the drops in my son’s ears.  He looked so relaxed when I was doing this.  He said his ears felt better and then wanted the drops in his ears the next two days.  Honestly, I think they felt good to him so he kept asking for the drops.

Skip forward a few weeks to this past Monday.  I have had a crackling noise in my right ear since my cold. It was driving me crazy because every time I drank or ate something, I could hear a crackling sound.

So, again, I pulled out the drops.  I figured, “why not, I’ll give it a try even though it says for kids.”  It took me all of two minutes to put a couple drops in each year (the bottle says to treat both ears) and then I went about my business.

When I woke up on Tuesday, I made my warm lemon water like I always do first thing in the morning. When I was drinking the lemon water, I noticed that for the first time in weeks, I no longer had that annoying, crackling noise in my ear!  Wow! All I can say is wow!  Woo hoo!  I was so glad the drops worked for me as well!

I can tell you that I won’t ever be without these drops now!  We swim a lot in the summer and a couple reviewers said this product also helps with swimmer’s ear.

You can read more about the founder of Herbs for Kids, Sunny Mavor.

It’s all about the journey…


2 thoughts on “Earache Drops

  1. I just realized you had a blog/fb page! I have just begun to get into some more natural things for our family- we’ve been using Young Living Essential Oils for our spring allergies, headaches and various other things and have loved them so far! I’m sure my oil kit I purchased has something for earaches, but I’ll definitely have to look into a good earache oil to add to my order next month!

    • Good to know that you like the Young Living oils. I have heard of them but have not tried them. I have had my blog for about 8 months now and love sharing with others what we do to help heal holistically. 🙂 Thanks for checking it out! 🙂

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