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A few weeks ago, my good friend, Martha, called to ask me some great questions about how we have changed our eating habits over the past few years.  She wanted to know where to start on her journey. I had to stop and think about this.

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I have written so many different blog posts about what we have done, as a family, to become healthier. As we were talking more, Martha started picking my brain about how we shop for our groceries, where we shop, what we buy.  She said she almost needed someone to go with her to the grocery store to show her how to choose the healthiest food.

Then I remembered that we had started getting deliveries from Door to Door Organics just the week before.  Every Monday now, we get a bag full of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables delivered right to our front door.  That’s right!  How easy is that?

So, I told Martha about this and told her that may be a really great place to start.  I firmly believe that the healthiest thing we can do for our bodies is to eat a diet full of organic vegetables and a couple of pieces of fruit each day (yes, fruit is also very important but since it does have natural sugar, we need less fruit and more veggies in our diet) and of course, drink ionized water.

Martha asked me a really great question.  She said, “Jen, when the box or can, etc. says, ‘Natural’, doesn’t that mean that is good for you?”  I explained how any company can put ‘natural’ on their product and explained that you really need to read labels to see what the ingredients are.  That is a much better way to see what is in product vs. the marketing ploys on the packaging.

I shared with Martha that having your fruits and veggies delivered to your front door this way does cost just a little bit more than buying them at your local grocery store.  But, I feel the advantages far outweigh the cost.

  • You do not have to go to the grocery store to purchase these things
  • You save gas by not having to drive to the grocery store
  • You save time because you get fruit and veggies delivered to your front door (we just leave a big cooler out on the front porch, there are other options, too)
  • You receive fresh, organic produce and if something is not up to your standards, they will take an item right off your bill
  • You receive non-GMO foods
  • You can add items to your chosen box size each week
  • Door to Door Organics has many other great food items besides just fruits and veggies to choose from
  • You can change your box size each week
  • You can change your delivery date or skip a date
  • There are recipes on the website for you to use

So far, we have thoroughly enjoyed our three deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We have gotten romaine, lemons, cucumbers, mango (which was amazing after letting it ripen for a week), avocado, onion, Roma tomatoes, butternut squash, bananas, celery, apples, oranges, pears and several other types of fruits and veggies.

Have you heard of Door to Door Organics yet?  Have you used them and what do you think?  What else do you buy from Door to Door Organics besides just fruits and veggies?

If you would like to try Door to Door organics and save $15 on your first order, please send me your email address to [email protected] and I will send you a link.  In the subject line, please put “I would like to get $15 off my first Door to Door Organics order.”

It’s all about the journey…


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