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Have you heard of colloidal silver?  I learned about this powerful liquid about two years ago from a naturopath.  Colloidal silver are tiny silver particles suspended in liquid.  These particles are the same elemental silver as used in jewelry.  True colloidal silver should contain more than 50% silver particles and less silver ions.

sovereign silver

The information below is from the Sovereign Silver website.

Colloidal silver benefits have been known to man for ages.  Silver has antimicrobial properties.  Silver ion in sufficient concentration can kill bacteria and other microbes. Thus, silver was used by physicians in early 20th century as an antibiotic to treat bacterial and microbial infections.

Benefits of colloidal silver are many.  Silver is used in many medical devices to prevent infections.  These include its incorporation into wound dressings, urinary catheters and endo-tracheal breathing tubes. Although modern medicine takes advantage of its benefits, direct scientific evidence of its beneficial action is still lacking.  This is the reason why colloidal silver benefits are often questioned in mainstream media.

We always have a bottle of Sovereign Silver colloidal silver on hand now.  My entire family uses it when we feel like we are coming down with something.  I have even used it on our cats with great results.  You can take it both internally and topically.  I take it a lot in the winter months when everyone is getting the flu.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

  1. No known side effects in the human body.  This makes it a safe metal to use as a medication.
  2. Silver solutions have been found to kill bacterial cells and other unicellular microbes including viruses and parasites in vitro.
  3. When used topically, it can prevent infections in open wounds.
  4. Found to minimize the incidents of infections in patients using urinary catheters and breathing tubes.
  5. It is considered an immunity boosting agent because of its ability to inhibit replication and spread of bacteria and fungi.
  6. Has been found in lab tests to kill even antibiotic-resistant bacteria making it the most environment-friendly way to contain microbes and promote human health by preventing antibiotic resistance.

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