Chia Seeds Recipe

We have been using chia and flax seeds in our green smoothies a lot lately.  These little seeds pack a powerful punch of a lot of great nutrients.  I read about a chia seeds recipe on (which is a great site, by the way) and have had it in my head for a few weeks now.  Her recipe looked great but I just never seemed to have all of the ingredients on hand to make it.  So, I decided to make a recipe with what we already had in the house.

chia seeds fruit recipe, 2


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Strawberry, Lemon and Mint Water – Ohhhh, My!

My kids and I went to our friend’s house the other day.  She had made water with fruit and herbs and it tasted so good to me!  She used strawberries, lemon and basil but said she prefers fresh mint to the fresh basil.  When I went grocery shopping the other day, I got the ingredients to make Strawberry, Lemon and Mint water.  Enjoy!

strawberry, lemon, mint water, 2


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Gluten and Dairy-Free Healthy Pizza

We love pizza at our house (as I am sure many of you do)!  I just can’t get behind buying pizza from a pizza chain any longer because typically, their ingredients are not healthy. Since two of us have a gluten intolerance and two have a dairy intolerance, it makes it a little tricky to find a good tasting and healthy pizza that fits our needs.  I have been buying different ingredients in the past year to try to make our own pizza but have not found anything that has tasted really great until now.



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Simple Kale Recipe

Recently I discovered organic Lacinato kale.  I absolutely love this kind of kale!  I have gotten it a few times now from the health food store and have been making it daily.  It is one of the healthiest vegetables and I have been craving it all the time!   It is so easy to saute and takes only a few minutes to make.


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Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

Here is my favorite green smoothie recipe.  It makes a glass for 3 to 4 people. You can read about the benefits of green smoothies here and here.

Ingredients for Green Smoothie









1 cup almond milk
1 cup alkaline ionized water
3 to 4 cups of organic baby spinach
2 frozen bananas (remove banana peel before freezing)
5 to 6 frozen organic strawberries (the store did not have the organic ones in the pic but I try to get as much organic as possible)
1 apple
1 Tablespoon per person of chia or flax seeds (great source of omega 3s)
3 to 4 ice cubes

** We started adding Sun Warrior Protein Powder to our green smoothies and we love it!

Start Vitamix on low and quickly turn to highest setting for about 20 seconds.

Voila!  Enjoy your yummy green smoothie!


It’s all about the journey…

Spicy Tacos Recipe

4/12/13 Update: Please see this post about the taco seasoning.

We love tacos at our house!  I don’t love the ingredients we used to use for our tacos because they just were not very healthy with all of the chemicals in the taco seasoning, meat and toppings.  As I began to read all of the labels, I realized we needed to change our ingredients.  So, over the past couple years, we have made several changes to our tacos and I think we have come up with a healthy and vey delicious spicy taco recipe.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
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Heart Smart Minestrone Soup

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I thought this recipe would be appropriate!!  My family and I went to a friend’s house a few weeks ago and had this delicious minestrone soup.  I asked for the recipe to try at home (thanks, Ann!).  I made it and again, it was delicious (if I do say so myself!).  So, I wanted to share it with you.  It is from the Detroit Free Press/Henry Ford Hospital Heart Smart Cookbook.

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