Intra-Oral Nutritional Sprays

Do you take vitamin supplements?  I have been taking them for at least 20 years now.  Our food system has really declined and we can’t get all of our nutritional needs met through just eating food nowadays.  So, supplementing is a necessity.

Have you heard of intra-oral nutritional sprays?  I hadn’t either until a month ago when I was introduced to them.  My family and I have been using them for over a month now and have had some great results!


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Changing to a Holistic MD is like pulling teeth!

I have begun the process of changing to a Holistic MD.  When my daughter started at a new school this year, I talked to a couple of moms who go to a Holistic MD and just love him.  It was very ironic (to me) that one of my first conversations with two of the moms was about this Holistic MD.  I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason” and felt that I was supposed to meet these two moms on that particular day. Continue reading