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Do you still use table salt like Morton table salt?  You know the one – the girl with the yellow dress and purple umbrella walking in the rain?  Yes, we all know that one!  She is who we have all grown up with and is such a cute little girl, right?  She may be cute but the product she represents does not do cute things to our body at all.

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Why?  Table salt is very heavily processed to eliminate minerals and contains an additive to prevent it from clumping.  It can interfere with calcium absorption, cause the body to retain water, cause circulatory problems and affect the kidneys.

Sea salt is produced through evaporation of ocean water or water from saltwater lakes, usually with little processing.  Depending on the water source, this leaves behind certain trace minerals and elements.  The minerals add flavor and color to sea salt, which also comes in a variety of coarseness levels.  Sea salt is unrefined and does not have added chemical fillers like table salt therefore making it a healthier option.

The average American consumes 4000 to 8000 milligrams of salt a day with 2400 daily milligrams being a moderate salt intake.  We are obviously consuming too much salt in our diets as it is.  I am not advocating eating more salt but eating sea salt vs table salt.

Both table salt and sea salt contain about 40% sodium so neither is lower in sodium.  But, sea salt does offer trace minerals and elements that table salt does not.

The Best Unrefined Sea Salt

1. Real Salt.  This is the kind we use right now.  I really enjoy cooking with this as I can taste a big difference between this and table salt.  From the Real Salt website, “Real Salt is an all natural unrefined sea salt harvested from an ancient ocean. It’s full of those natural minerals that make it healthy, delicious, and pink or red looking, and though we do hate to boast we’re also the best-selling brand in America’s health food stores. Yay, Real Salt!”

2. Celtic Sea Salt.  We have used this one in the past and also liked it very much.  From the Celtic Sea Salt website, “Celtic Sea Salt® Brand salt is authentic, unprocessed, gourmet, kosher, whole salt from the most pristine coastal regions. Since 1976, Celtic Sea Salt® Brand salt has been harvested by salt farmers using a farming method that preserves the purity and balance of ocean minerals.”

3. Fun Fresh Foods Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.  From the Fun Fresh Foods website, “Himalayan Pink Sea Salt™ Fine Crystals are mined in the foothills of the Himalayas.  This raw salt contains a balance of minerals and trace elements in their unprocessed, natural form.  The perfect crystalline structure provides a flawless seasoning while supporting optimum health.  Himalayan Pink Sea Salt™ is subjected to rigorous screening procedures to monitor suspected contaminants.”

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