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Last month, I wrote about deodorant without aluminum.  At that time, I was, and had been, using a combination of Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil and Honeybee Gardens Deodorant Powder on top of the coconut oil.  This has worked for me for a while now and I have been pretty happy with it.

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As I told you in my last article about deodorant, I had tried several different types of deodorants without harmful aluminum before finding the coconut oil/powder combination.  I think I had tried 8 to 10 different types and none seemed to work for me.

After writing the article last month about aluminum-free deodorant, I (coincidentally) ran out of the Honeybee Gardens Deodorant Powder.  I was only using coconut oil by itself which for me is not enough.  I felt panicked and knew that my local health food store does not carry the deodorant powder (of any kind). And, to top it off, the weather here in Michigan has been fluctuating between 50 and up to 87 degrees everyday so some days, I really need the extra protection.

I pulled out my bag full of natural deodorants to see if maybe, just maybe, one may work well with the coconut oil.  I knew some of them I just didn’t like the smell of so did not want to try those.  But, one that jumped out at me was one by Bubble and Bee called Super Pit Putty.  I remembered when I tried it last year, I thought the smell was nice but it just did not seem to work for me after trying it for a couple of weeks.


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Well, this time I thought I would try again with the coconut oil under it.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this combination works for me and guess what?  I like it even more than the coconut oil/powder combination.  I did end up ordering two bottles of the Honeybee Gardens powder but am keeping it and using it as body powder, which works great, too.  I will also keep it on hand in case the Bubble and Bee one stops working for me.

Ingredients in Bubble and Bee’s Super Pit Putty:

  • Organic arrowroot powder
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Aluminum-free baking soda
  • Patchouli essential oil
  • Organic lemon essential oil
  • Organic clove essential oil
  • That’s it… No “Bad” Stuff!

If you do order this in the summer months, there is a special note on the website: SPECIAL NOTE: IN THE SUMMER MONTHS OR IN HOT CLIMATES, PLEASE CHOOSE ‘SUMMER SHIPPING’ OPTION SO THIS ITEM DOESN’T MELT DURING TRANSIT.

If you do order this, please let me know what you think!  We have also tried the Bubble and Bee Unscented Lotion Stick which we like a lot!

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