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Grocery Shopping

I went to the grocery store today.  I thought I would show you the list of what I bought.  I only shop the perimeter (organic fruits and veggies and meat without hormones and antibiotics and the organic section of the store).  I did head into the inner aisles to find a couple things but after reading the labels, I got the heck out of there!  LOL!! Continue reading

Watch the “Hungry for Change” Film for Free through March 31, 2013!

Now through March 31, 2013, watch the Hungry for Change film for free.  This is a Food Matters film and so worth the watch!  If you are serious about your health, please take the time to watch this film!

Hungry for change

Click on the link below, submit your name and email to watch the film for free.  I did and am so thankful for this information!

Hungry for Change


It’s all about the journey…

Update: Vani Hari, a.k.a. Foodbabe, and Lisa Leake on Artificial Dye in Kraft Mac and Cheese

On March 3, 2012, I wrote about the petition that Vani Hari and Lisa Leake started to get artificial food dyes out of the Kraft Mac & Cheese in the United States.  These two women have been very busy trying to express to Kraft how important this is to many Americans (270,000 as of today).


no                        Food-Coloring-How-Safe-Are-You-Photo-by-jjajang


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Foods and Ingredients that Contain Wheat

Eating wheat-free can be a big challenge.  I was diagnosed with a wheat intolerance in 2002.  There is wheat in so many different things and you really have to thoroughly read labels to decipher exactly what is in food.


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How to Fill an Easter Basket with Treats that Won’t Compromise Your Child’s Health

I love how excited my kids get around the holidays!  It is so magical to watch their beautiful faces light up when we are all together celebrating Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas (and all of the others!).  But, I hate all of the junk and candy they get at these special times.  For the past few years, I have been getting away from filling Easter baskets with a lot of candy.  I still bought a couple candy items for the baskets but just never felt great about it since I know what is in the candy I was choosing.  But, this year, I decided to do something different and I feel good about it!

Easter baskets
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How to Raise a Healthy Eater

Ever since my kids were babies, my husband and I have made it a point to feed them very healthy foods. Both of my kids nursed until they were 20 months (my daughter) and 14 months (my son).  Once they started having solids, we fed them Earth’s Best organic cereal and jars of food.

Love food
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Gluten and Dairy-Free Healthy Pizza

We love pizza at our house (as I am sure many of you do)!  I just can’t get behind buying pizza from a pizza chain any longer because typically, their ingredients are not healthy. Since two of us have a gluten intolerance and two have a dairy intolerance, it makes it a little tricky to find a good tasting and healthy pizza that fits our needs.  I have been buying different ingredients in the past year to try to make our own pizza but have not found anything that has tasted really great until now.



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Simple Kale Recipe

Recently I discovered organic Lacinato kale.  I absolutely love this kind of kale!  I have gotten it a few times now from the health food store and have been making it daily.  It is one of the healthiest vegetables and I have been craving it all the time!   It is so easy to saute and takes only a few minutes to make.


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