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Going Gluten-Free Takes Time

I currently have a good friend who is trying to take gluten out of her family’s diet.  She has two young children and really wants to make this change as she thinks it will help their health.  I say “kudos to her” because it will change their health in a very positive way.  It is very hard to make any kind of change and especially change with children.  Just like adults, children are creatures of habit and they learn from a very young age what they like and don’t like. Continue reading

Change of Website Name

When I originally wanted to start a blog, I thought I wanted to primarily talk about how we have really changed our lives by implementing great nutrition.  But, as I have been learning more and more about being a healthy, whole person, my blog entries have gone deeper than just nutrition.  I still feel that great nutrition is the start to a healthy and happy lifestyle but I am opening my mind to all of the possibilities to leading a holistic lifestyle.  Therefore, I changed my blog’s name from to  I feel that becoming healthy and happy is an ongoing journey and I wanted my blog’s name to reflect that.  I hope you enjoy it!  🙂

How to Get Rid of a Dry, Hacking Cough

For the past few days, my 3 year old son has had a dry, hacking cough.  It is especially irritating at night when he is trying to fall asleep.  He had a little bit of a cold last week and then it just got progressively worse.  I try really hard to let any kind of cold, cough, flu run its course with my family because I know our bodies are made to fight off infection and heal on their own.  But, listening to my poor baby cough and cough and cough at night has been hard for me to handle. Continue reading

Changing to a Holistic MD is like pulling teeth!

I have begun the process of changing to a Holistic MD.  When my daughter started at a new school this year, I talked to a couple of moms who go to a Holistic MD and just love him.  It was very ironic (to me) that one of my first conversations with two of the moms was about this Holistic MD.  I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason” and felt that I was supposed to meet these two moms on that particular day. Continue reading

Should I Be Concerned About the Removal of Amalgam Fillings?

Safe amalgam filling removal is something I have been researching on and off for the past few months.  I was told by my dentist about six months ago that I have four amalgam fillings that need to be replaced which first involves removing the amalgam from my teeth.  Continue reading

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

I was diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD in 1999 and have been trying my best to deal with it ever since then.  I really think I had it way before then but was never officially diagnosed. PMDD has really rocked my world and I have had to learn to live with it.  It has been quite a journey. Continue reading

Holiday blues? Sugar overload caused me to feel depressed.

I have been trying my best to get back into a normal routine after the holidays.  I was doing so well before them by drinking green smoothies, eating a lot of veggies and fruit, getting a lot done each day and just having a general overall feeling of well-being.  Well, during the holidays, I gave in to all of the junk food and boy have I paid for it. Continue reading