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Recently, a friend of mine told me she is suffering from gout.  She said almost every day when she gets up she has another bump on her finger.  It is painful and ugly, she said.  She does not want to go to her medical doctor because she knows they will just recommend a prescription of some sort. Continue reading

Update to “Some Raw Almonds have PPO on them”

On November 2, 2012, I wrote about how some raw almonds have propylene oxide (PPO) on them.  I knew for sure that the almonds from do not have PPO on them.  I wanted to find out if NOW Foods amonds have PPO on them.  I called the company and found out that they use a “flash steam” process to pasteurize their almonds.  I was glad to find this out since our local health food store carried NOW Foods almonds – Natural Unblanced Almonds, unsalted is what we buy.

Some Raw Almonds have Propylene Oxide (PPO) on them

Have you heard the news about raw almonds having propylene oxide (PPO) on them?  WHAT?  I thought this was crazy when I first heard about it!  Almonds are one of my favorite snacks.  I eat them every day like they are going out of style!                                                                         Continue reading